When Seconds Count, Count On Us


Founded to provide a high level of care by dedicated providers to the very unique world of special operation emergency services. Starting off with coverage only we have answered our clients call to cover national event staffing. In 2014 EMS of New York developed a special operation dive team for when events have a water element. Our highly trained divers and lifeguards set the standard for in water rescue event management. Our divers and medics have had the privilege of getting a little muddy in events such as Tough Mudder, Run The Ridge and the grueling Spartan Death Race. Our team of dedicated and hardworking medics and divers are put to the test with each event we cover, from helping the sick and injured, to talking to someone's child about EMS. Our mission to our clients, and our staff is something that is paramount when we bring a new medic or diver on and we will never settle for anything other than the best.


- State issued EMT-B Certification

-Current CPR/First Aid/AED Certification

-Federal Training: ICS 100, 200, 700

*Diver Requirements: In addition to the above listed requirements divers should be PADI Certified rescue divers and have 100 non-training dives.

EMS of New York  and EMS of the Carolinas are always searching to add excited, energetic, and motivated medics and rescue divers to our expanding team and coverage area. We encourage any medic, diver, or lifeguard to apply